Beta test the new Dropmark


We’ve been hard at work on some really great updates to Dropmark, some of them we mentioned earlier this year. They’re almost ready for primetime, but before then we want to give a sneek peek of the updates to our Pro subscribers.

What’s new?

We’ll let you poke around yourself and discover all the new goodies, but some of the bigger updates include:

  • A fresh new design
  • A way more helpful dashboard
  • Global search
  • New collection style options
  • Tagging!

How do I become a beta tester?

If you’re a Pro subscriber, you can start using the Dropmark beta today. Just head over to This is a beta, so don’t be startled if you run into a bug (or two). We’ll also be adding even more features and tweaking things as the days go on.

Not a Pro subscriber but still want to beta test the new updates? Join the waitlist and we’ll let you know when we open more spots.

Find a bug?

Running into a bug or having troubles? Send us an email at or tweet at us: @dropmark.

Import from Icebergs


Fellow bookmarking tool Icebergs announced this week it is shutting its doors after being acquired by Pinterest. With its users left stranded, we decided to quickly jump in and make it easy for people to import their data safely into Dropmark.

If you’re new here, Dropmark is a visual collaboration tool for creative people and teams. We’ve been around since 2011 and are trusted by thousands of creative and productive companies like Etsy, Wieden+Kennedy, and The Atlantic. To date our users have uploaded nearly 3.5 million items, and growing every day. Find out more about Dropmark on our home page and sign up to give it a spin.

Using our Icebergs import tool, your collections, bookmarks, images, and files will all be retained so you can focus on being the awesome and productive person you are.

Grab your JSON export and head over to to import your data today.

Happy collaborating!

Coming soon to Dropmark

Last year we introduced the Dashboard view with new privacy settings, quick upload, and collection merging. We added commenting, geo-location, and metadata support to Dropmark items. Then we doubled your storage just because. This year is shaping up to be another great year and we just wanted to give you a little sneak peek at a few of the things coming soon to Dropmark.


A refreshed design

An improved design that sticks to our roots: a simple, minimalist UI that stays out of your way.


Keep all of your team’s collections in one spot and follow their activity on the new Dashboard.

Tagging and Global Search

Even more ways to organize items throughout all of your collections. Drag items onto a tag and browse items from multiple collections.

Upgrade to Pro for exclusive features and early access

As a member of Dropmark Pro you’ll receive access to advanced features like collection sort options and filtering, thumbnail display options, commenting, and more. You’ll also receive early access to new features and improvements.

Send us your feedback

Want to help make Dropmark better? Let us know how you’re using Dropmark and what you’d like to see improved or added. All you have to do is answer a few questions.

E-mail attachments in the cloud


Sending e-mail attachments just got easier with Dropmark and CargoLifter.

CargoLifter by ChungwaSoft is a Mail plugin for Mac that sends e-mail attachments in the cloud, letting you send big files without flooding recipient’s mailboxes.

Link CargoLifter to Dropmark and your attachments will be uploaded to Dropmark, giving receipients a way to preview items from any device before downloading.

Send images, documents, videos files, anything you want—and with our recently upgraded storage limits you shouldn’t have to worry about file size.


CargoLifter also supports custom templates, shown above is our custom minimal template which you can download or fork.

Download the  free trial and give it a try!

For more apps, make sure to check out

One-click collection downloads


Uploading content to Dropmark has always been simple: you can drag & drop, use browser extensions, download the Mac app, upload by e-mail, or a use variety of third-party apps.

Your uploads are stored in the cloud, making it easy for others to access and collaborate without having to worry about downloading files. But sometimes you (or your collaborators) may want to download a copy for use in a desktop app, like a collection of photos from a family member, or some Photoshop files from your design team.

While you can always download individual files, today we’re making it just as simple to download an entire collection with one click!

Just click ‘Download collection’ from your collection settings menu, and everything from images, text, documents, even bookmarks will be downloaded in a handy ZIP file.


This makes it really easy to download a copy for offline desktop use or backup purposes, and the contents of your ZIP file can always be re-uploaded to Dropmark at any time.


More storage for everyone


We have some exciting news: Today we are increasing storage limits for all users by 2x! Pro accounts now come with an extra 25 GB for the same price, for a total of 50 GB.

Get the most out of Dropmark: Download our free Mac app to upload large files with ease or try one of our third-party apps. Even Dropmark on the go from your mobile device using e-mail uploads.

Love Dropmark? Tell your friends and earn even more space just for being awesome.

New on Dropmark: Comments, info bar, and more


Collaborate better with comments

Collaborating with others just got easier with real-time comments. Now you can leave notes for your team and get feedback instantly. Comment on images, videos, websites—anything you can Dropmark, you can easily discuss. Collaborators are notified via e-mail so everyone’s in the loop.

This has been one of our most requested features, and we are thrilled to make it available today for all Pro users.

Say hello to the info bar

We are also excited to introduce an improvement to the item page we call the info bar, available right now for all users. The info bar gives you additional information on your items including source credits, image metadata, location information, and more. We’ve also made the download and link buttons clearer and easier to find.


Item descriptions

Add helpful context to your items with new editable descriptions.

Item short links

Now all items have their own short link, making sharing even easier. For those of us that prefer privacy, you can now enable sharing on individual items within a private collection.

More thumbnails

Thumbnails are now supported on PDF documents, Adobe Photoshop (PSD) and Illustrator (AI) files, and a range of other images including TIFF and BMP.

More content sources

Dropmark now recognizes content from even more sources, including the recently added Amazon, Behance, Dailymotion, Dribbble, iTunes, Kickstarter, Tumblr, Vevo, and Vine. See the full list of content sources.

New dashboard features

Today we are rolling out the new dashboard view for all users.

The dashboard introduces a new top-level overview of all your collections, new privacy settings, and a public view to share certain collections with the world. Read all about it on our blog post.

Along with today’s release, we are also excited to introduce two new dashboard features:

Quick upload


Now you can quickly add items to any collection right from your dashboard, making it easier to keep your uploads organized. Drag and drop from your desktop or the web onto any collection stack, and your items will be uploaded on the spot.

Merge collections


Easily merge all items from one collection into another. Just drag any collection stack from your dashboard, and drop it into the collection menu. All items from the first collection will be moved over to the second collection.

Introducing Dashboard view


Dropmark is all about organization. For those of you who have more than a few collections on the go, new features are coming to make your experience even better.

Dashboard view

The new dashboard gives you a top-level overview of all your collections. Preview item thumbnails, privacy settings, and get a quick overview of who else is collaborating on each collection. Pro users can even search, sort, and change thumbnail settings with the recently launched search bar.

New privacy settings

Dropmark collections are always private by default (viewable only by invited collaborators), with the option to set a collection to public (viewable by anyone you share the link with). Today we are introducing a new privacy setting we call “Everyone”, and making these settings much easier to view and change.

Public dashboard

Your new public dashboard lives at and shows any collections you wish to openly share with the world. To opt-in, choose the new “Everyone” privacy setting for each collection you wish to share (your existing collections will be unaffected). Pro users can also set up a custom domain name (ie.

These features will be rolled out to everyone on March 1st. Pro users have early access and can start using their new Dashboard today.

UPDATE: Dashboard is now available to all users, plus we are excited to introduce  two new features!

New monthly pricing

Today we are happy to introduce a new monthly pricing plan for Pro accounts.

Now you can get the full Dropmark experience for just $5 per month, less than the cost of your lunch.

Pro accounts include:

Yearly plans are available at $48/year (a 20% savings).

Sign up or upgrade today.